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A new way to Organize your stuff...

Store, share and easily organize your articles, links, videos, and notes in one easy-to-use platform. You can access your Clutterboard from any device, anywhere, anytime!

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Key features

  • Tags and Folders...

    Easily stay organized & quickly find
    your favorite content by saving it or
    dragging & dropping it in folders
    & tags that you create.
  • Cross Device Access...

    Don’t let browser bookmarks limit you!
    Save, share & access your favorite
    content from any device, wherever
    & whenever you want to.
  • Set Reminders...

    Don’t have the time to read it right away?
    Set a reminder to read it on the exact date
    & time you want!
  • Save Anything...

    Instantly save websites, articles, videos,
    notes & anything you find on the web,
    & keep them safe & organized in one place.

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